Specialised in technical and physical protection
for facilities with high security requirements

Swedish Net

Over the years, Swedish Net has carried out qualified assignments for facilities, companies and authorities with high requirements. We have delivered solutions to:

  • Nuclear plants
  • Airports
  • Penal institutions
  • Embassies
  • Waterworks
  • Municipalities and county councils
  • Defense related projects

With our extensive experience and knowledge, we have the ability to combine very high quality with cost-effectiveness and customized solutions.

Career opportunities at Swedish Net

To be a member of the Swedish Net staff means working and Learning closely together with committed colleagues. Continue reading…

Swedish Net and Cesium deliver mobile security vaults

Swedish Net has established a close collaboration with the Swedish innovation company Cesium AB.
Together can we offer unique specialised combustion- and steel constructions for protection against terrorism, crime and other actual and future threats.

Cesium containrar och sakerhetsvalv

Swedish Explosives Risk Reduction Group: SERRG

Swedish Net is responsible for the development of SERRG, a consortium with unique expertise and products to reduce risks from weapons, ammunition and explosives. SERRG can put together and deliver comprehensive and customized concepts according to an actor´s own needs and priorities. Currently, the consortium is focusing on concepts to secure weapons- and ammunition sites.

Hemsida SERRG