About us

Swedish Net Communication AB operates as a consulting firm that also has the capacity to deliver turn key projects. We specialize in facilities with high security demands.

Swedish Net was founded in 1999 by Markus Selme and today, our staff consists of more than 30 people. We provide for our customers all over Sweden, as well as internationally. Our headquarter is located in Hallsberg, commonly known as the logistics centre of Sweden.

Our engineering team is well established and specializes on technical procurement support and security enhancement projects. Our staff is highly qualified.

Our clients range on a wide scale from private to public sectors. We have completed qualified projects for the nuclear industry, penal institutions, national security facilities, airports and embassies. As a result, Swedish Net has the capacity to effectively deliver on contracts regarding high security demands with an emphasis on quality and environmental control. We recognize what it means to work in challenging environments and understand the importance of financial constraints, scheduling and quality on any given project.

We are dedicated to working with issues of human rights, sustainable development and sound environmental policy. That is why we support agencies like the UN Global Compact – an initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies – and commit ourselves to acting for a better tomorrow.

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