Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Swedish Net wishes a merry christmas and a happy new year! We look forward to new projects and continued collaborations during 2018.

Participation in fair in Sweden

Swedish Net will participate in a national fair on issues related to total defence, crisis management and security in Stockholm on 28-29 November.

Swedish Net and the air force base in Ronneby

After several years of work at the air force base in Ronneby, the new helicopter hangar and platform were opened. Swedish Net has been working for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration Agency during the project.

SERRG in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia

The Swedish Explosives Risk Reduction Group (SERRG) had the honor of conducting seminars in Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, with the Swedish Embassy in each country hosting the seminars. SERRG shared experiences and information on weapons control, safe storage of weapons and ammunition and demilitarization. SERRG members exchanged dialogues with key players with responsible institutions in the field, allowing for exchange of experiences and opinions on reducing the risk of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

More airport projects

Swedish Net will install the airport lighting on a new helipad and FATO (Final Approach and Takeoff area) in Ronneby.

Long term agreement regarding procurement consultants Västerås

Swedish Net has together with 14 other tenderers made an agreement regarding procurement consultants with Västerås city.

Swedish Net’s CEO in Mexico and Guatemala

Swedish Net’s CEO has together with other Swedish companies and the Swedish civil minister Ardalan Shekarabi been on a delegation trip to Mexico and Guatemala. The purpose of the trip was to create new opportunities for the Swedish business sector and to increase capacity of the crisis and social emergency services in both countries visited.

Support Lighting System FMV

Swedish Net has won a project on material supply regarding the development and delivery of new specialised flashlights for the FMV (Swedish Defence Material Agency). The project also includes extencive documentation as well as project management. 2100 flashlights will be delivered in the first order, but there is a possibility that the project is to be extended.

Swedish Net participation on Intersec Dubai

Swedish Net participated in Intersec, one of the world’s largest exhibition, in Dubai with the support from our local partner NIT (Network Information Technology). Swedish Net was focusing on marketing our established collaboration with Cesium AB within which we develop working place solutions with the highest security possible for personnel and equipment in vulnerable contexts. There was a great interest during the exhibition for our bullet proof guard houses and burglar proof weapons- and ammunition stores.

New office in Nairobi

Swedish Net is widening its international dealer network by opening a new office in Nairobi, Kenya.