Planning and design

Detailed design and solutions for facilities with high security requirements.

Our engineers produce detailed design for security enhancement projects and electric power. We design according to appropriate standards.

Swedish Net operates in security classified premises and therefore we can perform assignments with high standards of security and confidentiality.

The design department has delivered the documentation to over 250 projects in the areas of national security, nuclear power and penal institutions. Read more about our experiences of planning and design under References.


Upon your request, Swedish Net can also operate as project support or project managers. We would then utilize the agreed upon project designs and estimates provided earlier, as guidelines for that project. Throughout the process, our clients have easy access to our Project Managers, Testing Supervisors, System Specialists, Buyers and Project Administrators. We can also manage the entirety of our client’s projects, from beginning to end, ensuring that all their goals and priorities are met in the process. For more information, please go to Technical and sercurity services and Contracts and security related projects.