We are constantly working in sensitive environments such as nuclear facilities, penal institutions, airports and national security facilities. Here you can read more about our past projects and service contracts.

Technical documentation and procurement support

The Swedish Prison and Probation Service

Long term agreement
In 2012, Swedish Net was granted as the primary contractor in a long term agreement providing project managers, design engineers and system specialists for the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. We deliver expertise in security solutions and procurement support. So far, we have performed the procurement support, design and project management for more than 100 service contracts relating to security enhancement measures.

Forsmark nuclear power plant

The vehicle checkpoint that Swedish Net delivered for Forsmark is 350 meters long, consists of six seperate lanes and barrier gates for each lane. Houses were provided to aid security personnel.

The project began by analyzing existing inventory, assessing user needs and creating a detailed functional requirements document. We then converted the functional requirements into complete systems design documents for constructions, electrics and security needs. We also assisted in material procurement processes and managed procedures thoughout the project.


Invertering och analys av behov inför byggande av fordonskontroll vid Forsmarks kärnkraftverk

Planning and design

Stanley Security Solution

Undertaking in long term agreement
Swedish Net have many years of experience in various defense related projects in close relation with different contractors.

Stanley Security Solutions have since 2011 through a long term agreement delivered security solutions to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Swedish Net, as a subcontractor, delivers full technical documentation in these assignments. The contract between Swedish Net and Stanley Security Solutions was extended for another three years in 2014.

Nationwide long term agreement
Swedish Net preforms design assignments for Stanley Security Solutions through a long term agreement. These assignments cover design of security solutions for many large companies and agencies.


The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV)

Search equipment
In March 2015 won Swedish Net a public procurement regarding delivery of search equipment to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). The equipment is meant to be used in search for hidden weapon deposits, surveillance equipment, mines and hidden persons.

Object searched can range from houses and nautical vessels to aircrafts, persons or whole areas. With help of the provided equipment it’s also possible to seal of searched areas.

Swedish Net delivered the equipment including full technical documentation in two months. The equipment included a total of 1200 parts, some of which specially made in our own workshop. The technical documentation included documentation regarding system security, manuals and registration at FMV’s material registry.


Sökutrustningssats till Förvarets Materielverk

Technical and security services

Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant (OKG)

Site security
Swedish Net had a leading role regarding purchase, installation, planning, testing and commissioning when OKG built new vehicle and personnel perimeter checkpoints and new outer perimeter security including CCTV, intruder alarm, access control systems and surveillance centers.

Perimeter security
Swedish Net had a leading role regarding purchase, installation, planning, testing and commissioning when OKG upgraded their perimeter security. The work included switchgear, emergency power, CCTV, security management systems, access control systems and surveillance centers.


Skalskydd runt kärnkraftverk på OKG

Oskarshamns kärnkraftverk

Apply Emtunga


Consulting contract
Apply Emtunga is a Swedish company that delivers living quarters to oil rigs. Swedish Net’s assignment included quality assurance, documentation and commissioning of the living quarters to an oil rig in Azerbaijan. The assignment covered all of the living quarter’s systems and functions.


Bostäder installeras på oljerigg i Azerbajdzjan

Contracts and security related projects

Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant (OKG)

Swedish Net planned, designed and built a checkpoint for vehicular traffic to- and away from a high security facility. Every day around 3000 vehicles pass on their way to and away from Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant and the Central Interim Storage Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel (CLAB).

The project included i. a. monitoring buildings, road barriers, gates, masts, portals and fences.

Checkpoint vid Oskarshamns kärnkraftverk

Forsmark nuclear power plant


Swedish Net built, as the general contractor together with Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB and subcontractors, a checkpoint for vehicular traffic at Forsmark nuclear power plant. The checkpoint build share many similarities with the checkpoint previously built by Swedish Net at OKG, however the checkpoint built at Forsmark is considerably larger.

The checkpoint consists of six lanes for traffic, each 350 m in length. Control stations and traffic islands separates the lanes and boom gates control the traffic flow. The contract also included housing for security personnel.

The project began with a deep analysis of needs and how to meet them. The construction phase included everything from disforesting and blasting to laying tarmac and other ground works. Illumination, fence and gates was built and a portal was constructed. The Checkpoint also consists of numerous security systems such as emergency power, security management systems and radio communication. Both wireless and wired control systems was installed for the gates and booms.

In recognition of our work, Forsmark awarded us the following letter of recommendation:

“Swedish Net Communication AB has an experienced and professional organization to carry out complex projects and has at all times fulfilled their obligations in respect of quality, timing, project management, etc to our full satisfaction.

Our opinion is that everyone involved in the project showed very high professionalism regarding technical performance, initiative, delivery, documentation, and cooperation.

The company Swedish Net Communication AB as a general contractor gets our highest recommendation.

Fredrik Lindh, Project manager, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, 2014-01-08″


Fordonskontrollen vid Forsmarks kärnkraftverk


Airport illumination and ILS, Malmens Airport
The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration chose Swedish Net’s tender regarding construction of new airport illumination and ILS at Malmens airport in Linköping, Sweden. Malmen is a military airport and the second largest in Sweden counting take-offs and landings.

Swedish Net made the approach illumination cover a longer stretch with new lightning towers and exchanged the existing illumination consisting of over 200 light sources. In the project about 40 km of cable and new control cabinets were delivered.

Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) consists of various systems supporting modern aircrafts in their landings. One if the systems, called Localizer, consists of a 16 meter wide antenna system with twelve antennas that tracks the aircrafts direction towards the airstrip when approaching for landing.

Another ILS that was installed is called Glide path. This system consists of three horizontal antennas, which are laterally offset and are mounted on a 12 m tall tower. The system keeps track of the aircrafts so called glide path, which is the angle of which the aircraft is approaching the landing strip.
Swedish Net also delivered housing for all of the new systems.




Service and maintenance

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV)

Satellite Communication Systems
In 2015 a service agreement was made between Swedish Net and FMV. This agreement includes maintenance and further development of FMV’s first satellite communication system.

Swedish Net’s task is to secure full function of the system during its technical lifespan.