Technical documentation and procurement support

Swedish Net delivers expertise in areas of technical security and procurement support.

Examples of our activities include:

  • Performing inventory control and analysis of existing security systems.
  • Producing technical specifications and administrative regulations prior to procurement processes.
  • Project management during the implementation on behalf of the client.

Swedish Net has experience as representing and managing on behalf of the procurer, as well as directly delivering technical project solutions to our customers. Our understanding and competence as both the procurer and the provider, benefits you as a customer when creating the procurement documentation. We are well-versed at knowing what can deter or exclude a tenderer and what elements that can increase the costs of a project.

Obtaining a high standard of procurement documentation provides for a more cost-effective, secure and succesful project.

We have so far performed more than 100 projects involving security enhancement engagements at more than 50 penal institutions. You can learn more about our previous experiences of technical documentation and procurement support under References.


If you would like us to manage a project for you, we have a highly experienced team that can deliver the entire systems development lifecycle, including everything from requirement analysis, obtaining permits, integration, testing and implementation. Our procurement consultants, systems developers, project managers, quality control specialists, project administrators and procurers ensure that your project is successful. For more information, please go to our pages on Technical and security services and Contracts and security related projects.